Grant Focus Areas

Human Services

  • Support of organizations that work to break the cycle of poverty, help move people toward self-sufficiency, and provide aid to those in need of assistance.
  • Programs that fund basic human services, supportive housing, and jobs and job training.


  • Financial aid and scholarships for those with physical disabilities.
  • Early childhood development and education for children and families at risk.
  • Selected higher education scholarships by invitation only.

Arts and Culture

  • Literary, visual and performing arts organizations in Minnesota, Arizona, and other communities where family members reside.

Health related

  • Programs that serve physically challenged individuals.
  • Research as related to CMT, disease management, rehabilitation, and use of assistive technology.


  • Funding for restoration and saving of natural habitat.


  • International for occasional relief efforts.
  • Discretionary grants by Buuck children.

We are not accepting grant applications at this time.